New Overwatch hero ​Brigitte launched on ​live Overwatch servers a little less than a week ago. Fans who were unable to test her out in the game's Public Test Region are now ​able to play Brigitte in Quick Play and Arcade games.

Some players have had difficulty understanding what Brigitte says upon activating her ultimate, Rally. Michael Chu, lead writer for Overwatch, stepped in to ​clarify the phrase and its meaning.

​​A confused Overwatch fan asked if other players were confused by Brigitte's voice line. They claimed that they thought Brigitte said "I love team men" when she used Rally. Others in the comments said they heard similar phrases, including "I love team Mei."

Some users spelled out Brigitte's ultimate line, which Michael Chu later confirmed in the comments. "Who doesn’t love Team Mei? (But yes, she’s saying, “Alla til mig!”)," his comment read. 

"Alla til mig" means "everyone to me" in Swedish, which is similar to the friendly version of her ultimate voice line: "rally to me." It's both a command and a good strategy to get the ​most out of Brigitte's ultimate.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard