6 Most Expensive Knife Skins in CS:GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive's skin economy is perhaps the game's biggest moneymaker. Some skins go for insane amounts of money, and knives are some of the most expensive of them all. Here are six of the most expensive knife skins you can find on the Steam community market.

6. StatTrak Huntsman Knife Damascus Steel: $1,785.97

The first entry on the list is a wicked looking Huntsman Knife, with the steel having visible ripples. It also tracks your stats so you can brag about how many people you've humiliated.

This blade made from two metals will run you $1,785.97, and that's the cheapest of the lot!

5. StatTrack Bayonet M9 Bayonet Crimson Web: $1,801.14

For only $16 more you can upgrade from the Damascus Steel Huntsman Knife to this crimson bladed and fearsome bayonet!

With the ability to track your stats, and an incredibly sick looking spider web design, this bayonet will run you $1,801.14

4. StatTrak Huntsman Knife Fade: $1,855.76

A brighter color scheme than most on the list, this Huntsman Knife is sure to be a talking piece.

As with the others, stat tracking is integrated in this weapon, and the knife itself will cost  $1,855.76 to get you the multi-colored blade.

3. StatTrak M9 Bayonet Black Laminate: $1,984.46

This bayonet has been outfitted for night combat, and its jet black finish makes it stick out from the crowd. The blade doesn't reflect light off of it, and it has an impressive finish.

Imposing and dangerous, this bayonet will cost you $1,984.46 

2. StatTrack Flip Knife Bright Water: $2,010.51

The first item on the list to break the $2,000 milestone, and also the only weapon that's not a huntsman knife or a bayonet, this bright blue flip knife will cost $2,010.51.

This one is sure to impress, and the color scheme looks amazing on the blade.

1. Bayonet Crimson Web: $2010.51

Similar in appearance to the StatTrack version, this bayonet features a spiderweb pattern on the blade with a crimson red finish.

Unlike the other knives in this list, this is the only one without StatTrack, a curiosity considering just how popular StatTrak is. The knife costs the same as the flip knife at $2010.51.

All photos courtesy of Valve