4 Most Expensive AWP Skins in CS:GO

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins market has exploded, with premium skins costing some serious money. Although the AWP is one of the best guns in the game, its skins on the Steam community marketplace are some of the cheaper ones in the game.

Here are the four most expensive AWP skins in CS:GO.

4. Medusa Field Tested: $805

The only entry in the list below $1,000, this variant of the Medusa skin of the AWP features a stylized gorgon head reaching toward the barrel with a beautiful blue finish.

The ability to petrify your enemies with a well-placed shot will cost you $805.

3. Dragon Lore Battle Scarred: $1,047.45

The Dragon Lore skin brings the power of the dragons of old onto your AWP, and this skin shows the signs of battle, with the skin partially torn off the weapon.

This costs $1,047.45 and earns players the power of the dragon.

2. Medusa Minimal Wear: $1,199.99

This version of the Medusa AWP features more of the actual skin, with less wear and tear on the weapon.

With a more visible gorgon, the Medusa will run players $1,199.99.

1. Dragon Lore Field Tested:$1,485.75

As the most expensive item on the list, this is also the most impressive.

The dragon shows its full form in this skin, with a lack of battle damage showing the incredible detail in the skin. 

The skin itself costs $1,485.75.

All photos courtesy of Valve