The Overwatch League ​Stage 3 map pool has been released and should shake things up quite a bit. With five of the previous maps being rotated, over half of the battlegrounds will be different during Stage 3 which should promote some hero diversity as well.

Despite some potential diversification, many players are unhappy with the maps chosen as they are not personal favorites for a lot of players.

From the Assault maps, Temple of Anubis will replace Hanamura. Temple of Anubis is one of the more unique maps as it is one of only three maps without any environmental hazards. As a map that uses a combination of shields and burst damage, a small misplay can be heavily punished, making this a less forgivable map than some of the other choices. 

For the Control maps, Ilios will take the spot of Lijang Tower. It makes sense that Ilios will be the replacement map since the two have some similarities such as being the only maps with exclusive theme music that did not appear in Overwatch soundtrack.

From the Escort maps, Junkertown will replace Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Additionally, both of the Hybrid maps, Hollywood and King's Row, will be replaced with Blizzard World and Numbani. With both Hybrid maps being rotated out, matches should always be significantly different than Stage 2, meaning anything is possible for teams looking to improve. 

Although there are mixed feelings about the rotation, a change in scenery usually facilitates interesting new strategies. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard