​Overwatch announced today in a cryptic tweet that the seasonal event Uprising will be returning to live servers April 10.

​​The GIF included provides little information besides the date, and perhaps a new Uprising scenario that takes place 7 years after the Uprising in King's Row.

We can see Omnics, possibly a still of Numbani, and a ​Blackwatch logo very briefly. 

Last year Uprising included two special game modes to the arcade, featuring a team of four heroes playing through a four-stage PVE scenario explaining the history of the Uprising in King's Row. The two modes were identical except one mode allowed you to choose any hero, while the standard mode only allowed you to choose between Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer and Torbjorn.

Uprising of course came with ​many new skins, sprays, ​highlights, victory poses and more. Seasonal events have been including content from last year and brand new content, hopefully Uprising 2018 is no different.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment