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7 Best Champions to Use to Destroy Towers in League of Legends

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Although at times it feels like kills are the most important statistic in League of Legends, the ultimate goal is of course to knock down the enemy nexus, which usually means taking down quite a few turrets. AD Carries fill the primary turret damage role, but there are also a number of split-push champions and even mid lane options who can take turrets extremely well. Here are the seven best League of Legends champions to use to destroy towers.

7. Jax 

Jax / Image by Vince Nairn

Jax can be an exceptional turret pusher once he has some levels and if he builds damage. Relentless Assault, his passive, grants bonus attack speed the more Jax attacks. Couple that with the passive of Grandmaster's Might and Jax is dealing bonus magic damage with his auto attacks very frequently. Additionally Jax can use Empower to deal bonus turret damage while simultaneously resetting his auto attack timer, all of which puts him in the conversation of top turret destroyers. 

6. Taric

taric / Image by Vince Nairn

The best turret taking support by a long shot is Taric. His passive, Bravado, allows Taric to attack twice in quick succession after using an ability. This allows him to use a spell and then quickly double tap a turret, speeding up the process. 

On its own, this might not seem to matter much, but consider the combination of Bravado with Starlight's Touch. Every Bravado empowered attack adds a charge to Starlight's Touch, up to two charges. That means if Taric casts his Q and then auto attacks a turret twice with Bravado, his Q will already be off cooldown and ready to use again. Simply spamming Starlight's Touch and weaving in two auto attacks each time allows Taric to continuously trigger Bravado which gives him the power to destroy turrets much more quickly than most other champions. 

5. Camille 

Camille is another pick that has a low cooldown ability to help with turret damage. Precision Protocol has a six second cooldown at max level, not counting cooldown items. Additionally it can be activated twice, giving Camille an opportunity to proc Sheen multiple times very quickly. Since she naturally builds Trinity Force first, Camille can usually begin pushing turrets quite early in the game and only gets scarier later on. 

4. Ziggs 

Ziggs / Image by Vince Nairn

Ziggs is one of the only mages that excels at taking turrets. This is largely because of Short Fuse, his passive, and the ability to use Satchel Charge on turrets. Short Fuse gives Ziggs bonus damage on his next auto attack every 12 seconds and also scales with AP, essentially giving Ziggs a free Lich Bane.

As mentioned Satchel Charge can be used on a low health turret, up to 35% health, to instantly destroy the turret. This means that while Ziggs already has good wave clear and turret damage, he can finish off turrets incredibly quickly, making him one of the only AP champions to ever see play as a pseudo ADC in the bottom lane. 

3. Nasus 

Nasus / Image by Vince Nairn

Nasus is widely known for his late game turret damage because of Siphoning Strike. Every time Nasus kills something with the ability it permanently increases his Siphoning Strike damage. The option to then use Siphoning Strike on a turret after it has been stacked up allows Nasus to chunk turrets.

Siphoning Strike is also an auto attack timer reset, similar to Jax's Empower. This combined with an extremely low cooldown on Siphoning Strike and Sheen being a first item for Nasus makes him an elite turret destroyer. 

2. Caitlyn 

caitlyn / Image by Vince Nairn

Caitlyn is a fantastic pick when looking to destroy turrets, specifically in the early game. Caitlyn has decent wave push with Piltover Peacemaker and her current build path means an early Static Shiv, another great tool for shoving waves into enemy turrets. Once Caitlyn has done that, her whopping 650 range allows her to easily land turret damage while staying safely outside of engage range.

Caitlyn is also great for turret pushing because of Yordle Snap Trap. Setting up a line of traps around an enemy turret can cut enemy champions off from defending their objective quite nicely. 

1. Tristana 

Tristana / Image by Vince Nairn

Tristana was built to be a turret taking machine. Explosive Charge can be placed on turrets meaning Tristana can tear through them extremely easily, especially as the game goes on. Additionally the range of both her auto attacks and Explosive Charge increase by a total of 136 at level 18, giving her a much safer siege than other ADCs. 

What pushes Tristana over the edge is that she also has Rapid Fire, giving her up to 110% attack speed for seven seconds, allowing her to get the full damage Explosive Charge very quickly. The combination of her kit along with a natural attack damage build makes her an ideal turret pushing champion.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games

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