​Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans were upset to find a new trade restriction in Thursday's update, which has put quite the dampener on skins gambling. 

The release notes for Thursday's patch came with an unsettling miscellaneous change: "CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days." Well, rest in peace skins gambling.

​Weapon skins revitalized CS:GO and added a new dynamic to the game when they were introduced back in 2013. What came after, though, ended up being extremely detrimental in some aspects to the community. Skins gambling sites were brought to the forefront, ​professional players were banned, and controversy was amok.

On the other hand, the trading community flourished, the CS:GO scene was reignited and players were able to use marketplaces outside of the player-controlled Steam Community Market to purchase their favorite skins. 

Professional players, particularly Astralis' ​Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, voiced disdain for the new update.

Valve might not budge on its stance regarding the new restriction, but as you can see players are not happy at all. 

Photo courtesy of Valve