An Overwatch player posted on the game's forums to reveal a Blizzard World bug in which an enemy Bastion was able to set up on parts of the map that otherwise should not have been accessible

Blizzard World is one of the newest maps in the game, and it was in testing in the Public Test Region for some time. The map was unable to debut perfectly, as even now the team is working on fixes. 

According to the user, an enemy Bastion was able to set up "on the roof to the left of the hanging boat if you are on the attack side on the first capture point." It is unusual because that area should be inaccessible otherwise. 

Overwatch's principal level designer, David Adams, noticed the post regarding this. "This has been fixed and should be in soon. Thanks," he said. 

This is not the only change that is coming to the map. Blizzard World is also coming to the rotation of maps for free-for-all games sometime in the future.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard