Another day, ​another Uprising teaser.​ The latest trailer for Overwatch's Uprising event appears to be nothing special at first. But a massive hint further suggests the event ​will have a focus on Blackwatch.

The trailer begins with the accessing an "archives file" numbered 0382. That is the file for the Null Sector Uprising in King's Row -- the focus of last year's Uprising event. The same file number was seen previously in the first teaser for ​this year's Uprising event -- where a small glitch in the GIF changed the title from "File 00382 - King's Row Uprising" to "File 00274 - Blackwatch" with ​another phrase that cannot be deciphered

Today's teaser showed gameplay and skins from last year's event -- nothing new to fans who played the first version of Uprising. The trailer ends with nearly no new information on a new iteration to the upcoming Uprising event, until a pop-up appears.

The archive files for file 0382 are marked complete, and a pop-up appears that begins to access file 0274. The video cuts off before the files are accessed, emphasizing the possibility of Blackwatch having a major role in the newest addition to the Uprising event. The promise of ​new Reaper lore further strengthens the possibility of Blackwatch coming to this year's Uprising.

Overwatch's Uprising event starts on April 10 and lasts until April 30.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard