​​New York Excelsior picked up Jung "Anamo" Tae-sun and Se-chul "Zet" Son today in order to have some added depth on the team. Although NYXL doesn't need to change things up too much, adding an extra coaching assistant will provide quite a bit of support to the team behind the scenes.

Zet will be an addition on the coaching staff, while Anamo is a support player. 

A fun fact about Tae-sun is that Anamo, his nickname, actually means "nobody knows me." He is known for his Lúcio play and should be a solid pick up for Excelsior. Playing with NYXL should also allow him to further develop as a player.

​​Excelsior won Stage 2, so the team certainly doesn't need to update its talent, but having extra depth on an already strong team never hurts. With an incredible 18-2 record this year, the Excelsior will look to continue its dominance in Stage 3.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard