On Saturday Fnatic took on Team Vitality in the EU LCS playoff semifinals, and came out on top with a 3-1 victory.

​​The first game of the best-of-five was relatively tame, with Fnatic getting a lead at four minutes, and slowly growing it until they eventually won the game in 25 minutes.

In game two, Team Vitality showed that it wouldn't go down easy, and had the gold lead for most of the mid-game. Eventually, Fnatic regained control of the game at the 18 minute mark, and never let go. The game was a bloodbath, with 28 kills happening in 30 minutes; Fnatic had 20 kills, and Team Vitality had eight.

Game three was do or die for Team Vitality, and, with its back against the wall, it showed up. Thanks to a first blood, Team Vitality took the lead five minutes into the game, and kept growing it. In the mid-game, Fnatic picked up a few kills to close the gold lead gap, but Team Vitality regained its composure. It took objective after objective, amassing an overwhelming gold lead that helped the team close out the game.

Team Vitality carried some of the momentum from game three into game four, leading in gold for the first few minutes of the game. Then, Fnatic followed up a double kill with another pick, and snowballed from there. Team Vitality secured some objectives in the mid-game to narrow the gold lead, but shortly afterwards it gave up plenty of more kills, allowing Fnatic to snowball out of control, take the game, and the series.

For the first time in history, on April 8, Fnatic will play G2 Esports for the EU LCS Spring Split title.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games