5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.7

League of Legends Patch 8.7 has introduced a few new Jungle champions who have been rising in popularity. With these new champions (and a few from Patch 8.6), the jungle pool has expanded into a mix of tanks and bruisers. Here are the five best jungle champions in League of Legends Patch 8.7

5. Sejuani

Sejuani has been a forced to be reckoned with, even with the most recent of patches. Her tool kit provides a significant amount of crowd control to help turn the tides of team fights. All four of her abilities provide some sort of crowd control in order to displace enemies and make it easier for teammates to position themselves.

With Sejuani being a full tank, not only does she have the ability to stay in team fights to continually slow, knock up, and stun enemies, but her ultimate "Glacial Prison" can completely change the flow of the game.

4. Zac

Zac is another Jungle champion that has been picked throughout solo queue and especially in the professional scene. Zac's kit provides him with extremely high health sustain as he jungles throughout the early game.

Zac's E ability, "Elastic Stringshot," provides not only a great way to initiate a fight, but also provides a significant amount of utility to get out of sticky situations as well. His ultimate, "Lets Bounce," can completely disrupt a 5-v-5 and bring squishy targets right into friendly teammates.

Zac's natural high health and tanking abilities make him an ideal initiator and front line champion.

3. Skarner

Skarner continues his terror from Patch 8.6 as being a versatile Jungle champion that can be built for many different situations. His Passive, "Crystal Spires" provides him amazing movement speed, attack speed, and mana regeneration. This passive allows Skarner to clear Jungle camps faster, move from one lane to another extremely quickly, and sustain longer in the Jungle to clear more camps.

Skarner's ultimate ability, "Impale" can be used to target one of the enemy carries and bring them to friendly teammates to finish off. His W ability, "Crystalline Exoskeleton" provides him with extra suitability in the Jungle and team fights. The ability also provides a large Movement Speed increase so that players can position themselves correctly.

2. Jax

Jax is a new champion rising in the jungle. Even though he is commonly seen in the top lane, Jungle Jax should not be overlooked.

Although Jax does not have the best jungle speed, his ganking ability and team fight pressure is one of the reasons he is so strong. His E ability, Counter Strike, allows him to dodge all incoming attacks for a short period of time and then, stun enemies around him. This ability is fantastic for one vs. one dueling, and for getting in the back lines of the enemy team. 

Jax's Q ability, Leap Strike, allows him to leap to enemy targets to close the gap, or friendly allies in order to escape a tight spot. While in team fights, his passive ability, "Relentless Assault" really shines. The longer the team fight, the more Attack Speed Jax gains to pummel the opponents.

Looking at his builds, Jax is extremely effective as a bruiser, building some tank items, such as Randuin's Omen and Cinderhulk. He can also incorporate damage items such as, Titanic Hydra, Trinity FOrce, and Sterak's Gage in order to boost his power.

1. Olaf

Olaf has been a highly contested Jungle pick in Patch 8.7, especially in the NA LCS. Olaf's kit provides him with an insane Jungle clear speed and objective taking potential.

His passive "Berzerker Rage" provides him with increased Attack Speed for each percent health missing. This means that Olaf can have an absurd amount of Attack speed, even at lower levels. Taking the Dragon objective at level three is not an uncommon sight to see. With his passive and W skill, "Vicious Strikes" that gives him Life Steal, players can maintain that insanely high Attack Speed. 

Not only is Olaf one of the fastest Jungle champions to clear camps, he also has great one vs. one potential. His E ability "Reckless Swing" deals true damage and ultimate ability "Ragnarok" makes him immune to all crowd control. Olaf is able to continue swinging at the enemy, as long as he is in range of them, which should be no problem because of his Q ability, "Undertow".

Olaf is versatile when it comes to what build the player chooses. A tank Olaf will provide lots of running away potential that the enemy carries will have to be doing. Offtank Olaf will get the best of both worlds in terms of damage and survival. 

Patch 8.7 has continued to stay true with Tank champions being some of the strongest and effective in team fights. Looking forward to Patch 8.8, there will be other upcoming changes to champions in the other lanes.

Whether these changes go through or not, it will be interesting to see if any new Jungle champions will become the flavor of the month. 

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games