The ​proposed deal that would have sent Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Egor “flamie” Vasilyev to SK Gaming fell through in part because Natus Vincere demanded $1.2 million for the rights to the players, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the discussions. Natus Vincere asked for $500,000 to satisfy s1mple’s buyout and for $700,000 more for flamie, effectively torpedoing the deal.

Immortals, negotiating with Natus Vincere because of its ​impending deal to acquire the current SK Gaming roster, offered $500,000 for s1mple’s buyout, $250,000 for flamie (who didn’t have a buyout figure, according to sources) and an extra $100,000, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the negotiations. Natus Vincere allegedly countered with the $1.2 million asking price for both, which effectively ended the deal.

At that point, Immortals attempted to purchase s1mple’s contract alone because he had explained to Immortals he was willing to join the team alone, according to sources. Na’Vi then claimed it could block the transfer of s1mple, even if the full buyout amount was offered. Na’Vi also argued, according to sources, it didn’t have to transfer s1mple immediately because the buyout clause did not state a specific time frame. Na’Vi then informed Immortals that if Immortals wanted to purchase s1mple now, Immortals could “have him in July.”

Immortals asked s1mple that night to push Na’Vi to agree to transfer him immediately, and the following day, he told Immortals the deal wasn’t going to happen because he wanted to stay with Na’Vi, according to multiple sources.

The dead deal eventually led Immortals to ​purchase Jake “Stewie2k” Yip from Cloud9 to join SK Gaming for at least the near future.

Representatives of Natus Vincere did not respond to multiple requests for comment. S1mple also did not respond to request for comment.

Photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE