6 Skins That Should Be Added to the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

With Fortnite: Battle Royale's release of the Easter content, there's been plenty of speculation about what they'll put into Season 4's Battle Pass.

Here are six skins that we would love to see included in Season 4!

6. Terminator

With the inclusion of John Wick through the Reaper skin, Epic Games could stand to add more classic movie icons to Fortnite as easter eggs.

5. Marcus Fenix

The poster boy of Gears of War would be a perfect edition into the game with his signature do-rag and light up armor. As an Epic Games, character he could easily be used in Fortnite.

Players would have to do without hearing his gravelly voice, but maybe that's for the best if Epic wants to keep Fortnite kid-friendly!

4. Twinblast

One of the more visually iconic characters of Paragon, Twinblast would fit right into Fortnite. With his signature vest and crimson cyborg arms, a skin as a homage to him would look fantastic, and a great tribute to the game that Epic Games shut down.

3. Samurai

Samurai armor is extremely distinct and varied, with different armors relative to different time periods in Japan.

There could be an incredible amount of variety with different armor styles, helmet styles, and even different styles of masks that Epic Games could play around with.

2. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 featured many skins, cosmetics, and, of course, hats referencing other games. It would only be fitting for Fortnite to pay homage to the war-themed hat simulator 

With 9 distinct characters to choose from, Team Fortress 2 has plenty of characters that would fit right into the Fortnite universe.

1. Male Viking

History Channel's Vikings brought these Nordic warriors back into the highlight, and they would fit right in with Fortnite's Highlander skin!

With their distinctive armor and shields, Vikings have a lot of options for back bling and other cosmetics.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games