​Blizzard's ​newest teaser for Overwatch Archives was an archived report following the attack on Overwatch facilities in Norway. Jack Morrison -- now known as Soldier: 76 -- said the organization has identified a few suspects in the attack, but did not elaborate any further. 

If the ​strongly suggested Blackwatch brawl mode is true, then this teaser on the Oslo attack might hint at the mission for the Blackwatch brawl, which will shed light on the ​Venice Incident.

​​When asked about the suspects, "Morrison confirmed that Overwatch has identified a number of suspects behind the strike but declined to provide further details." 

Jack Morrison is the first commander of Overwatch and the public face of the organization. His ideals are firmly rooted in heroism and the fight for good -- which means if there is a reason, such as the law, that is holding him back from outing the suspects or taking them into custody, he probably would not do it.

On the other hand, the commander of Overwatch's covert ops division Blackwatch, Gabriel Reyes (now known as Reaper), would have no problem with delivering his sense of justice on those who wronged the organization.

If there is any reason why Overwatch cannot publicly go after the suspects, or take them into custody, the secret covert ops division would be all over the mission. 

Venice is rumored to be ​the new map where this PvE brawl takes place. The "Venice Incident" is a huge part of Blackwatch and Overwatch's history, because it helped mark the end of both divisions. The incident also unveiled Moira to be a secret part of Blackwatch, and thus affiliated with Overwatch. This hurt Overwatch's credibility and reputation greatly, as Moira was a shunned scientist for her unethical experiments.

The suspects who were a part of the attack in Norway must be hiding out in Venice -- where Talon's base is located at. Whether the attack was conducted by Talon or an outside terrorist organization, the attack in Norway might have prompted Reyes to take matters into his own hands and dispatch his team -- possibly with himself -- to Venice.

Reyes' sense of justice differs greatly from Morrison's, which is enough reason why Reyes would go to Venice with his team to ensure the suspects are taken care of. Whether Morrison forbid Blackwatch from carrying out this mission, or whether he allowed Reyes to carry it out secretly, Blackwatch's tactics might have gotten the team in trouble in Venice.

A mistake in the Blackwatch mission causes Moira's employment with the division to become public knowledge, and this event may be how Blizzard explains what exactly happened in the Venice Incident.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard