5 Best Top Laners on League of Legends Patch 8.7

The Patch 8.7 Notes are out, and in them is changes to many top lane champions, meaning it is time to re-evaluate the top five best top laners for the current patch.

5. Swain

Although Swain did receive some nerfs to his Q's cooldown and damage, he won't be hindered enough to become a worse pick. Riot Games toned those numbers down because he was too overpowered in his previous state, so now he is just above average. 

4. Gangplank

Even though he has gotten nerfed in recent patches, Gangplank is still one of the best top laners. Currently, his global pressure is unmatched, and his barrel combos are a pain to deal with.

During the NA LCS quarterfinals, he was banned seven times. Clearly, the pirate has some strength in his kit.

3. Darius

In solo queue, Darius is an absolute monster. Once he hits level six, his kit becomes oppressive, and hard to overcome in an even fight.

If you are looking to carry your solo queue game, then choose this Noxian warrior.

2. Camille

In solo queue, Camille is another huge threat. Her all-in is deadly, as she has great dueling and roaming potential.

Currently, she sits at a 50 percent win rate, and it is not higher because she is countered by Sion. If Sion were to get nerfed, then she would be back at the very top.

1. Sion

Sion has been a pick or ban in the LCS for awhile now, and with him not being touched in Patch 8.7, it only makes sense to keep him as king of the top lane right now.

Sion has a dominate laning phase, insane tankiness, and a high win rate at 52.6 percent. He truly is an unstoppable juggernaut in the right hands.

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games