5 Worst Junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.7

Patch 8.7 is coming out, and with all the changes to jungle champions it is important to reevaluate who are the worst junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.7. Here are the five worst junglers in Patch 8.7.

5. Maokai

Although Maokai has a relatively easy clear, the speed of it often leaves him open to being invaded and falling behind.

With Cinderhulk not being as strong, it is difficult for Maokai to get as tanky as fast. The only hope for Maokai mains would be buffs to his clearing in order to compete with stronger tanks like Sejuani.

4. Riven

Even with the popularity of Riven jungle increasing, she is still one of the weaker junglers. Her first clear leaves her low on health, which strong junglers like Warwick can take advantage of.

Additionally, her ganks can often be kited, and it is easy for her to fall behind. Stay in the top lane, Riven.

3. Amumu

Both Cinderhulk and Warmog's were nerfed in the past few patches, which means Amumu was essentially also nerfed.

The Sad Mummy just doesn't provide all the things that other popular tank junglers provide and for those reasons he is on this list.

2. Vi (again)

Vi is still on the bottom of the tier list for junglers in Patch 8.7. With no hope in sight for buffs to either Vi or the items she uses, Vi will most likely remain toward the bottom of the list for many patches to come.

1. Hecarim

Just like Patch 8.6, Hecarim still wears the sad crown of being the worst jungler in League of Legends. 

Hecarim did receive a small buff to his W healing in Patch 8.7, but all in all it was not enough for him to become meta again. Hecarim will continue to struggle against top junglers until he gets some real buffs.

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Images Courtesy of Riot Games