5 Best Support Champions on League of Legends Patch 8.7

With Patch 8.7 hitting the League of Legends live servers, let's take a look at which support champions are now in the top five of the roster.

5. Leona

With just the most crowd control Leona has emerged as a viable support once again, specifically against the likes of Xayah and Rakan. This is because she can hold Rakan down long enough for him to be forced out of a fight if not outright killed during the duration of her crowd control chain.

On Patch 8.7 Leona is the only support getting a quality of life change as her new adaptive stat will be attack damage. This should give a bit more damage in the later stages of the game although it will likely not impact her play very much since she is still just a crowd control machine. 

4. Rakan

Pair him with Xayah, pair him with anyone. Rakan has proven to be a more utility based version of Alistar. He provides the AoE knock up but doesn't need to jump to an enemy to achieve it. More importantly he only needs to use one ability to knock opponents up reliably. Rakan also gives his ADC a shield and has a lot of mobility which helps him dart around in team fights and land The Quickness much more easily.

Of course it's his ability to crowd control the entire enemy team with very little counter play that makes Rakan such a prominent pick heading into Patch 8.7.

3. Sion

It turns out that Sion is strong in every lane, including support. He is incredibly oppressive as a support pick, pumping out poke damage and crowd control. Sion serves as a beefy defender that can actually prevent most opponents from reaching his ADC.

With inherent tank stats, damage and crowd control, Sion fits very well into the bot lane so watch out for him to show up more often heading forward.

2. Braum

Braum has arguably the best passive in the game since he can effectively stun every member of the enemy team as long as he auto attacks or hits them with Winter's Bite. Combine that with Glacial Fissure and Braum is already a fantastic engage support.

But his kit doesn't limit him to one style of play. Unbreakable also gives Braum incredible peel  since he can block projectiles and gain massive damage reduction, serving as a second tank for his team. In an ADC-centric meta, having a teammate who can block projectiles and tank a ton of damage is a huge boon to any team. 

1. Thresh

Thresh brings the utility of multiple champions to the table and therefore will continue being the best support during Patch 8.7. Death Sentence is a stun and a dash move, giving two types of utility. Dark Passage is the only move in the game that can instantly save a teammate who would otherwise be dead to rights.

Flay gives this utility tank even more crowd control as well as a reliable way to activate Aftershock if that happens to be his rune of choice. To top things off The Box is a 99% slow. While it's not actually a stun, the movement impairment is strong enough to hold a champion in place for two seconds, allowing follow up crowd control to ensure their certain demise.

Although Morgana has been gaining popularity as a viable counter pick to Thresh, his ability to Death Sentence a target that has the Spell Shield and still dash to them gives him the potential to always swing the match up back in his favor. Unless he is on your team, Thresh would be a wise ban during Patch 8.7.

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games