The official Blizzard store has plenty of merchandise from which to choose from, but Overwatch fans are always coming up with ​new and amazing ideasA fan, FjoriMakestook their creativity to another level and ​designed a water bottle that resembles small health packs in Overwatch.

​​The ​artist's blog post about the water bottle's creation mentioned the idea came from a commission. The health pack water bottle looks exactly like the small health packs seen on maps in Overwatch. There is a red plus symbol, signaling health, on its body, and the artist even included lights at the bottom of the bottle to provide the same blue glow seen in health packs.

The post also explained the steps the artist took to create the water bottle, for anyone interested in tackling this challenge. For those of us who aren't as ​artistically gifted, we can continue to admire works like this from afar.

Drinking water is basically the same thing as restoring your health, making this a perfect fan creation. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard