Blizzard's newest Overwatch Archives teaser comes in the form of a new comic, titled Retribution. The comic gave fans the first look at a possible new Blackwatch Moira skin.

​​The comic takes place in the past, when Overwatch and Blackwatch were still operating. Blackwatch's members, Reaper (Gabriel Reyes), McCree, Genji and Moira are seen boarding a ship at the end of the comic. Moira is the only known Blackwatch member who does not have a Blackwatch skin in Overwatch -- but she is seen with a Blackwatch uniform in the comic, hinting that this mi be an unlockable skin once the event goes live.

The Archives event brings back last year's Uprising brawl, where players in a group of four take part in a PvE brawl against Omnics in Kings Row. However, a ​possible new addition to the event gives players the option to participate in a PvE brawl as characters from Blackwatch, a covert ops division of Overwatch that ​was disbanded.

Archives starts on April 10 and will be playable until April 30. During its duration, players have the opportunity to unlock exclusive skins, sprays, and other cosmetics for the event. Skins from last year's iteration of Uprising can be purchased at a discounted price.

Blizzard announced through a teaser Overwatch Uprising would return for a second year. It released another teaser last week, and they included hints have made it seem that this year's event might have a Blackwatch theme -- which they definitely should!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard