​new Overwatch comic titled Retribution revealed the events ​following an attack on Overwatch's base in Oslo, Norway. The Overwatch Retribution comic appears to set up the plot for the potential ​Blackwatch brawl coming to the Overwatch Archives event that begins Tuesday.

​​Retribution reveals the person behind the attack in Oslo, Norway. Antonio, a Talon member stationed in Venice, organized the attack -- unfortunately Antonio is too well protected to simply be taken in. Jack Morrison -- known now as Soldier: 76 -- won't "officially sanction" it. He mentions that he cannot allow Overwatch to violate a nation's sovereignty and law.

Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), leader of Blackwatch, urges Morrison to let Blackwatch carry out the mission on their own. Morrison seems reluctant, but he seems to be defeated. The thought of losing even more Overwatch agents and innocent lives does not sit well with him. "I'll leave the final call to you," Morrison said. "But ask yourself... in the long run, will this help Overwatch keep the world safe?" 

The comic ends with Reyes rounding up the Blackwatch members and leaving for Venice in a Blackwatch ship. 

​​Because Venice is rumored to be a part of the Archives event's ​newest brawl mode, the Blackwatch mission in this year's Archives event most likely begins where the comic ends. 

Blackwatch travels to Venice to apprehend Antonio, the Talon member responsible for the attacks. Retribution, the ​rumored name for the new brawl mode, might allow players will get to choose from one of the four Blackwatch members to carry out this mission. It is strongly suggested that the ​mission will go badly.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard