​The Shanghai Dragons have announced that Dae-Min "Daemin" Kim has signed with the team.

Starting in early February the team made headlines after signing Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon, and it signed several other players who have begun arriving to the United States.

Daemin may not be a household name in the Overwatch scene, but he has been playing professionally for just over a year. He has played for several teams including Motion Drive and Rox Orcas, and was captain of Kongdoo Uncia. In 2018 he traveled to the United States to join the NRG esports Overwatch Contenders team and participate in Overwatch Contenders North America. 

Daemin has also been ranked in the top 500 of his region with an SR of at least 4600 from Season 3 to Season 7. He mainly plays Tracer and Soldier: 76, but can also play off-tank heroes like Roadhog. That means that the Dragons can make team composition changes without substitutions. 

Daemin Might be exactly what the Shanghai Dragons need to secure their first win of the Overwatch League in Stage 3.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard