Overwatch's official Twitter account hinted on Wednesday that there would be news revealed during the second match of the day's Overwatch League competition. 

Jeff Kaplan appeared during halftime of the Los Angeles Valiant versus Seoul Dynasty match to deliver the heavily awaited reveal. 

Overwatch Retribution will be released on April 10, just under a week from today. To fill players in on some more details about the event, Kaplan answered some questions after the video.

The new Overwatch Archives event will take place in Italy, and tell perhaps the most important part of the Overwatch story. It will go through the actions of Reaper and McCree, and how their Blackwatch mission changed the world's perception about Overwatch and it's true motives.

Also, for all of those Reaper fans out there, Kaplan mentioned that there will be a new Reaper skin coming to show what Gabriel Reyes looked like in the super soldier program as Soldier: 24.