​The Overwatch Twitter account released a short video that features Reaper -- formerly known as Gabriel Reyes -- explaining his thought process on apprehending Talon agents in ​response to their attacks on Overwatch.

​​The video reveals Reaper's agent ID, previous affiliation, real name, and age. Reaper was 50-years-old eight years ago, where this year's event is based, which of course makes him 58 in the current Overwatch universe.

Game director Jeff Kaplan ​promised a new skin for Reaper available during Overwatch Archives. The skin will be what Gabriel Reyes wore when he was Soldier 24, a commanding officer in Overwatch.

The latest Overwatch digital comic ​"Retribution" will shed some light on the video released today, and all will be revealed Tuesday when Overwatch Archives goes live. 

Blizzard announced through a teaser Overwatch Uprising would return for a second year. It released another teaser last week, and they included hints have made it seem that this year's event might have a Blackwatch theme -- which they definitely should!

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment