​​According to Pornhub Insights, Overwatch is one of the most popular searches on the website and even made it to the 13th spot for 2017's most popular search of the year (reaching No. 1 in Brazil and No. 2 in Russia!). The newest Overwatch hero, Brigitte, was released last month, and Pornhub statisticians found that searches containing the name "Brigitte" increased by "6264 percent, exceeding 2 million searches in just 10 days!"


The new addition to the game also revitalized the internet's interest in Overwatch overall, with Pornhub searches containing "Overwatch" increasing by 225 percent.

With Brigitte's debut, D.Va, who was previously ​the most popular Overwatch hero search on Pornhub, was bumped to second place. Also interestingly, searches for Widowmaker and Tracer have gone up in 2018 and searches for Mercy, who was previously in second place, have gone down placing her in fifth place overall (wow, Mercy gets nerfed everywhere apparently!)

Brigitte, according to Pornhub searches, is most popular in the United States and Canada - more than any other countries in the world.

Ultimately, one could say that Overwatch's popularity in this particular medium is a real testament to the hard work the Overwatch team puts into character design and story. These heroes seem so real and compelling that we can't help but want to get to know them better. 

It will be interesting to see how long Brigitte stays on top - will she close out 2018 in the top spot, or is she just the latest fad? 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and Pornhub