The ​Retribution comic, released in a ​series of hints and reveals for Overwatch's Archives event, ​introduced fans to a Moira skin, more information on the Venice Incident, and put a familiar face in the spotlight: Gérard Lacroix.

Gérard Lacroix's importance in Overwatch lore is centered mainly around Widowmaker's story, yet she is not seen anywhere in the comic nor any mention of her is made. It makes no sense for a story to take place prior to her brainwashing and for the story to feature her husband, but fail to mention her even once.

The lack of Amélie Guillard (Widowmaker) in the Retribution comic might imply a flawed marriage, which might have led to Talon's eventual kidnapping of Amélie.

The comic shows how detrimental taking Talon down is to Gérard Lacroix. Lacroix is seen in critical condition, but a panel mentioned Angela Ziegler (Mercy) said he would recover. At this point, Amélie Guillard and Gérard Lacroix are believed to be married. 

The attack on Overwatch headquarters was one of many assassination attempts by Talon on Gérard Lacroix, because of his involvement in taking down Talon. He does not die to the explosion, but he is strapped to a hospital bed instead as he recovers. His wife? Nowhere to be seen.

It doesn't make sense for someone's spouse not to be in the same room as their partner if they are injured. Amélie does not have a cameo near his bed, and instead it is Reaper who is sitting near an unconscious and injured Gérard. It isn't mentioned if she is even notified on his condition -- it's almost like she isn't around.

There could be two reasons for her absence: Gérard does not want to put his wife in danger, or their marriage was shaky, meaning she was never around as much as fans might assume she would be. Widowmaker's in-game voice line regarding Gérard shows some possible remorse, and the only other mentions of Widowmaker and her husband are seen in a spray of their marriage photo and of Widowmaker visiting his grave in the "Reflections" comic.

But there is no information on their marriage from their wedding until Widowmaker was kidnapped by Talon.

Amélie was definitely not kidnapped by Talon at this point, either. Converting Amélie was Talon's final attempt in stopping Gérard, and he is still alive at this point in Overwatch lore.

Reddit user UltimateLazer ​came up with a theory that could expand on the pair's failing marriage and her kidnapping, which would make an "on the rocks" marriage more plausible. When Talon failed in killing Gérard, the organization went after his wife and turned her into a sleeper agent. Not only was Talon able to destroy Amélie's personality, but Talon was able to turn her against her husband and ultimately have her kill him in his sleep.

If their marriage was already on the rocks at this point, this would have provided Talon with more than enough to work with when trying to convert Amélie to Widowmaker. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard