​Overwatch Archives, the event featuring game mode Overwatch Retribution and all of the skins to go along with it, went live Tuesday. Fans can now utilize the game's features through the duration of the event, which runs until April 30.

The event features ​the return of Uprising Brawl, the popular alternate game mode. There's story mode, in which players can play as Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy or Torbjörn. They essentially replay Tracer's first Overwatch mission through the streets of Kings Row. The mode is also available in "All Heroes" mode.

Eight legendary skins ​are released in the event. Six skins (though it's unclear how many of them will be legendary) were revealed or released at an earlier time, a list that includes ​Blackwatch Moira​Scion Hanzo​Soldier 24 Reaper​Talon Sombra​, ​Pyjamei (Pyjama Mei) and ​Specimen 28 Winston.

The Soldier: 24 Reaper skin ​was seemingly leaked Tuesday morning via Xbox, and another skin for Lucio ​was apparently leaked through a trailer for Overwatch Retribution on IGN's website.

Blizzard announced through a teaser Overwatch Uprising, this time titled Overwatch Archives, would return for a second year. It released another teaser last week, and they included hints have made it seem that this year's event might have a Blackwatch theme -- which they definitely should!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard