​Fnatic has announced the new lineup for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Academy team. The roster will be made up of the winners of Season 2 of the GAMERZ esports reality series.

​​The new Fnatic Academy lineup will be Johan "Meddo" Lundborg, Hubert "CaNNiE" Ludwig, Alexander "AlekS" Andersson, Adam "Ec1s" Eccles, and Mate "Matafe" Fekonja.

Fnatic were in the process of​ transferring its last academy roster in MayMaikil "Golden" Selim was moved to the main Fnatic roster after ​Olof "Olofmeister" Kajbjer Gustafsson left the team for FaZe Clan.

The result of GAMERZ Season 2 is a complete reversal of the situation in Season 1. The winners of GAMERZ in Season 1 ​did not receive professional contracts for a team. They were told they would receive $12,200, the equivalent of six months salary, which was then reduced to three months.  

The Fnatic main roster has been playing extremely well this year, ​winning the WESG World Finals over Space Soldiers​and IEM Katowice over FaZe Clan. The new Fnatic Academy roster has much to learn from its big brother.

Photo courtesy of Fnatic