In addition to the ​Archives event joining Overwatch servers, a new Competitive mode was quietly revealed. A new, alternative mode for Competitive titled 6-v-6 Lockout Elimination will come to the game.

​​6-v-6 Elimination is a game mode found in the Arcade, more formally titled 6-v-6 Lockout Elimination. Like the name suggests, heroes are locked after a win -- meaning the pool of heroes from which to choose gradually gets smaller. 

A Competitive 6-v-6 Elimination will include ranks and the ability to obtain Competitive Points through Skill Rating, like every other Competitive game mode.

Many players in the Overwatch community have expressed the desire for ​alternatives to Competitive, and game director ​Jeff Kaplan confirmed mini Competitive modes will come to Overwatch. The game has currently only held Competitive modes for ​Lúcioball and ​Capture the Flag.

There is no indication when Overwatch's first season of Competitive 6-v-6 Elimination starts.

The Archives event is currently live on all servers and will run until April 30. Players have the chance to unlock eight new skins​new victory poses, and many more ​event-exclusive cosmetics.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard