​Another skin has quietly received an update included in the latest Overwatch patch that brought ​Overwatch Archives to live servers.

​​Ana's Corsair skin, available only during the game's ​Halloween Terror event, swaps Ana's regular outfit for an ​adorable pirate costume. When players have this skin equipped, Ana will now say "ahoy matey," when greeting players -- something the skin should have had right from the start.

The new voice line fits her skin perfectly, and it's great to see Blizzard continue to add these minor but appreciated ​additions to cosmetics.

Even though the Halloween Terror event won't return until October, the Archives event is currently live and runs until April 30. Archives is a lore-based event meant to give players the opportunity to ​experience pivotal moments in Overwatch history with the game's heroes. This year's focus is on the Venice Incident which involves ​Blackwatch agents. Throughout the event's duration, players can hear ​event-exclusive interactions​eight new legendary skins and ​other cosmetics.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard