The new playable map in Overwatch Archives' ​Retribution brawl, the game mode that ​went live Tuesday afternoon, is scheduled to join Overwatch's Public Testing Region "in a week or two," potentially along with Hanzo changes, ​according to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan

During the ​Retribution trailer reveal, Jeff Kaplan announced that Rialto -- the map where Retribution takes place -- will become a​ playable payload map in regular 6-v-6 games. Rialto will join the PTR in a week or two, meaning it might be playable on all servers by the end of the month.

Hanzo changes are also ​entering the PTR this month, but there is no specific date when the changes will be ready. Jeff Kaplan mentioned he is "not sure of an exact ETA." Kaplan recently mentioned changes should be ready "​mid-April."

The Hanzo changes revolve around Hanzo's Scatter Arrow ability. The concept art of his new ability, Rapid Shot, was ​revealed by Kaplan at the end of March. 

Rialto is a map based in Italy that is only playable in the Archives event -- specifically in the Retribution brawl. It is a limited time event that runs until April 30. In addition to eight new skins, fans have a limited amount of time to unlock new voice lines and sprays. Retribution gradually adds more in-game interactions the more players participate in the event.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard