​Ana isn't the only hero to receive a ​voice line update for an already released skin. ​McCree's Lifeguard skin updated in the Overwatch patch that went live Tuesday with new voice lines for his ultimate, Deadeye.

McCree's original and iconic "it's high noon" will no longer be heard when the Lifeguard skin is equipped. When McCree activates his ultimate, he now says "it's high tide." The change is greatly appreciated, and it makes his Lifeguard skin feel all the more authentic. 

Overwatch's Public Test Region changed the line heard when players use ​McCree's Flashbang. McCree warns his target by saying "no runnin'!" This change has also gone live on all Overwatch servers.

McCree is a major character in Overwatch's newest Archives brawl: Retribution. Archives is a lore-based event meant to give players the opportunity to experience pivotal moments in Overwatch history with the game's heroes. This year's focus is on the Venice Incident which involves Blackwatch agents. Throughout the event's duration, players can hear event-exclusive interactions, eight new legendary skins and other cosmetics.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard