​The International is the biggest Dota 2 tournament every year, and The International 8 has the potential to top anything else Valve has ever done before. 

Previous events have upped the ante for how incredible the tournament can get, with The International 6 introducing AR in the stage for the hero banning process. There was AR technology built underneath the stage that brought the heroes to life for those watching the stream.

The International 7 brought the heroes in person again with holographic models of the characters emerging for the opening ceremonies, lining up for a dramatic entrance.

For the eighth iteration of the tournament, Valve should feature fully fledged hologram technology. They could implement holograms into their opening show, or for the hero banning process.

Holographic technology has done some amazing things over the years, with hologram pioneers Eyellusion leading the charge with a host of holographic musical performances. The engineers at Eyellusion were the ones who brought back a variety of musicians from the past, including legendary rock star Ronnie James Dio!

Utilizing this technology, as well as the skills and talents of Valve's animators, Valve could put on a show similar to what was shown in the Join the Battle trailer for Dota 2. Imagine being able to watch a live show of your favorite heroes battling across the stage before the main event begins! 

Valve would have to get a stage or screen large enough to put on the holographic show, but if it could pull something like that off, then it would make The International 8 go down in history.

The annual Dota 2 tournament has made a ​move to Canada for The International 8, after the past six iterations have happened in Seattle. The actual event takes place August 20-25 and teams like ​Virtus.pro are already vying for entry into the prestigious tournament!

Cover photo courtesy of ​Valve