A Reddit user, Bullgrit, ​came up with a great idea for a highlight intro for Overwatch hero Moira. The concept is based on Moira's new Blackwatch skin, which was recently released in the game along with the launch of the Overwatch Archives Event.

The highlight intro is clipped from a cinematic released ahead of the launch of the event where Moira, as a member of the Blackwatch, kills a Talon soldier. 

The highlight intro would be a break from the norm as previous highlight intros usually have not involved other characters besides that of the player whose highlight is playing.

Moira's involvement in Blackwatch and her true intentions has been hinted at in new voice lines that her character speaks in the game.

You can get the Moira skin for yourself in the new Overwatch Archives Event which is available now on all platforms.

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard