There is a possibility that an Overwatch hero will permanently die in the Overwatch lore, according to game director Jeff Kaplan.

The Overwatch team at Blizzard has spoken about killing off characters in the story, Jeff Kaplan revealed in an interview with Kotaku. "We get in arguments about this all the time on the team. Can we kill a character? If we kill a character, who would it be?" 

Jeff Kaplan clarified that if the team does kill off a character, they will still be playable in the game. "We will not remove a hero from the roster."

Despite mentioning character death, the team has no plans on killing a character off soon. "It wouldn’t mean a lot if we killed off a character at this point because you didn’t know a lot about them," he explained. In order for these deaths to have any impact on players, their stories need to be expanded on more. And it has to be an earned moment, not just something we’re doing to pull at people’s heartstrings."

Blizzard launched this year's Archives event, which included a dark, Blackwatch brawl titled Retribution. It is a limited time event that runs until April 30. In addition to eight new skins, fans have a limited amount of time to unlock new voice lines and sprays. Retribution gradually adds more in-game interactions the more players participate in the event.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard