​Overwatch Archives features the latest PvE ​game mode, Overwatch Retribution, a four-player PvE instance that's available in various difficulties and ​allows you to play Reaper, McCree, Genji, or Moira. Obviously, you want to insta-lock Moira because despite having the most responsibility in the group, she's also the most fun to play.

The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Moira is when to use your healing Biotic Orb and when to use your decaying Biotic Orb.

The urgency of these decisions depends on the difficulty you've selected, but after ​completing Retribution a few times, you'll definitely get a feel for where NPCs come out and at which parts in the encounter you need to be focusing more on healing than DPSing. 

On the first point, the encounter space is small enough that you should be able to focus more on DPS with your Biotic Orbs, easily relying on Biotic Grasp to heal your teammates around you. Try to aim your DPS orbs into doorways and corridors and then use Fade to get behind your teammates and let them take the brunt of the damage while you heal from behind. 

Moira's Fade ability is extremely useful in this encounter as you can easily avoid mobs by Fading into covered areas or behind your team. You can also use it to get to a teammate who needs healing or to revive them. 

As you move out of the first point, stay behind and maintain some semblance of where everyone is. It's most important for you to stay alive, so be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on errant Genjis wandering off.

​​The snipers shouldn't be left to you to deal with, but a decaying orb certainly won't hurt. In a pinch, Coalescence will damage the sniper at a safe distance, but your ultimate should be kept for more important parts of the instance.

The more important parts are the boats and drop ships full of mobs. This is where most of your team will try to use their ultimates, so coordinate those if you can. If you can't, save your ultimate until you know who has what ultimate left, and use yours accordingly. Sometimes the boats will come before the drop ships and vice versa. Coalescence is useful for ranged attacks, so if it's up to you to damage a boat-load of mobs, aim for the sky and let your teammates handle the boats. 

At this point, you want to focus more on healing with your Biotic Orbs and keep those up as much as possible. Your teammates will be running all over the place, and you can't be two places at once, so send a healing orb after one person and stay with the others.

When you encounter the Assassin, keep an eye on your team and be sure to Biotic Grasp heal anyone who gets pinned. If you get pinned, you can use your melee attack to escape. 

The Heavy Assault boss is one of the trickiest parts of the encounter. As Moira, it's imperative that you stay alive during this fight, as the death toll of your teammates is likely considerable. Stay back, use Fade to dodge fire and charge attacks, and save your Biotic Orbs and Biotic Grasp for healing. 

During the last phase, most teams will be split up and it's Moira's job to keep everyone alive despite McCree being on the roof, Genji on the balcony, and Reaper re-positioning all over the place. Try to stay with your group as much as possible, but when in doubt, stand on the roof of the restaurant and use your vantage point to watch over your teammates and send out the appropriate orb when necessary. 

​​Remember that your ultimate can heal allies as well as do damage to mobs. Try to save Coalescence for when your team gets overwhelmed with mobs and make sure to aim through your teammates to keep them alive. 

Retribution is an excellent chance to work on your Moira skills and sending a decaying Biotic Orb after a hallway full of NPCs is a truly satisfying experience. Keep your teammates' whereabouts a priority, and you'll be doing your part.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment