​Reaper, or ​Gabriel Reyes as he's known during Overwatch Retribution, has a very important role in the PvE encounter, Retribution. The game mode includes a healer but no tank (unlike Uprising, which includes a tank and a healer) and because Reaper has the highest health pool and can regenerate health, it's going to be up to you as Reaper to bear the brunt of damage and get up close and personal with most mobs.

​​You are most effective as Reaper when you're trying your best to get headshots on as many mobs as you can, drawing attention away from Moira (​keeping her alive is key), and using your health regeneration ability, The Reaping, to look after yourself as much as possible so your Moira has less to worry about.

Mobs will not target you while you're using your Shadow Step ability, so take that into account when you use it to re-preposition yourself to vantage points or away from mobs. You can safely teleport to Moira if you need healing with Shadow Step and also use it to finish off snipers.

Because Genji and McCree are better suited to take out snipers and assassins, it's Reaper's role to do as much damage to as many mobs as possible. Death Blossom leaves Reaper too vulnerable to use on bosses and is most useful to blow through large groups of mobs. 

When you encounter the Heavy Assault boss, use your Wraith Form to avoid Charges and aim for his head and the red tanks on his back. You will have to get closer to him than anyone so use your abilities carefully to avoid frontal damage and the aforementioned charges.

Mowing down NPCs and taking care of your health as much as possible is your role as Reaper. Stay close to Moira and pick off mobs targeting her, saving your ultimate for when you get overwhelmed with enemies, and remember to use your mobility wisely.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment