Fans on Reddit are suggesting a new emote centered around an old, but epic musical meme that would fit into the game's sense of humor very well.


Reddit user Lembaws suggested the new emote that would have characters mimicking playing a saxophone and dancing about. If the shades could somehow be added to the character while doing the dance, the emote would be of the highest tier.

Drake streamed with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recently and made the announcement that he would be willing to add a shout out to Fortnite in his lyrics when Epic Games adds the much anticipated Hotline Bling emote.

The first stream between Drake and Ninja quickly surpassed the record number of concurrent for an individual, previously was set at 388,000 by Dr. Disrespect, reaching 635,000 concurrent viewers.

The most recent patch for Fortnite came out Wednesday, which included the addition of the new Port-A-Fort grenade. The Hotline Bling emote is still missing.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games