Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe and Lincoln "fnx" Lau were supposedly kicked from FPL EU as stated on kNg's Twitter, but that has been quickly denied by Mikey from Faceit

According to Faceit_Mikey, you can't lose something that you never had. The two are not official members of the FPL EU, so they can't be kicked, but they were offered guest passes like many players that boot camp in Europe. 

"However it goes both ways as they needed to respect certain FPL rules in order to be able to play. Week after week of warnings we decided to revoke the queue for some of them as reports were stacking up and there were no improvements (communication). Nobody had any complaints against bit1/felps, actually only positive feedback. The queue restriction was communicated to the captain (Who knew in advance that if situation doesn't change we will have to do this). Bit1 (Their captain) is an amazing guy and super understandable, one of the best foreigners that ever visited FPL from skill point of view, but also the value he adds to the league with his feedback and leadership."

It seems to be a just a short-term ban that could be lifted if things improve. kNg has had some awful choices of late, so it comes as no surprise he's the center of another issue. He's currently been given another chance on Não Tem Como

Photo courtesy of Pierre Yves Laroche/DreamHack