4 Best Themes for Fortnite Battle Pass Season 4

Season 3 ends in 15 days and its space theme was a huge success. The Dark Voyager skin was highly sought out. Hopefully, Season 4's Battle Pass theme will be as big of a hit as Season 3. Here are four ideas on what the themes could be!

4. Summer

With Summer coming soon, perhaps now would be the best time to see if seasonal seasons would be a hit. Skins could include players in swim trunks, as life guards, and more.

The best part of a Summer theme would to see how Epic Games would use such a broad idea to tackle so many different cosmetics.

3. Old West

Cowboys would make an excellent addition to the Fortnite cosmetic arsenal. Perhaps this will lead to awesome standoffs. Additionally, an old west theme might force Epic Games to actually make pistols a relevant again.

This is the most likely theme to occur after the recent teaser during the login.

2. Samurai / Ninja

A samurai and ninja theme is a highly requested theme. Starting off the tier list with a samurai sword pickaxe and working all the way up to a ninja outfit or samurai armor would be super cool.

Plus having Samurais vs. Knights would be make for some cool replay screenshots. 

1. Pirates

Pirates is perhaps the most popular idea for Season 4's theme among the community and it is no surprise.

Gliding down on a ship-looking glider while wearing a pirate hat and coat would just be plain awesome. Plus the tier system could build up from a simple deck cleaner to full blown Admiral.

Images Courtesy of Epic Games