Redditor Karahe figured out a super interesting easter egg in Overwatch. The easter egg is a connection of real-life artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, and different things in Overwatch from map pieces to names.

Karahe explains on the new map Rialto, the sculptures found there are Leonora Botruvio's work. According to Karahe, Leonora Botruvio's name is based on Leonardo Da Vinci and Vitruvius.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a famous artist, architect, and more from the Renaissance period. The sculptures that Da Vinci made are deconstructed geometrical shapes, just like the sculptures on the map Rialto.

Vitruvius was an ancient Roman who inspired Da Vinci in his work. In fact, one of Da Vinci's famous works is the Vitruvian Man which a similar name to Vitruvius.

To prove this point even more, Karahe showed images of some of the artwork and architect on Rialto compared to Da Vinci's work.


To summarize his easter egg, Karahe believes that omnic artists are based on real artists and specifically Leonora Botruvio is an easter egg for Leonardo Da Vinci.

Images Courtesy of Blizzard and Karahe