​Overwatch Retribution, a Blackwatch brawl mode in ​Overwatch Archives, showed new interactions between already known characters, but it also introduced an unnamed character who is detrimental to the Blackwatch team's ​escape from Italy. The Blackwatch pilot who helps the team escape is no longer nameless, thanks to Overwatch's lead writer Michael Chu.

When asked by a fan about the Blackwatch pilot's name, Chu revealed on Twitter her name is Fio. She can be heard in the team's comms throughout the Retribution brawl, updating the players on her status and reminding them not to die. 

The ​only known members of Blackwatch were Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), Moira, McCree and Genji until this point. She is the fifth character with a name that is a part of Blackwatch. 

Archives is a lore-based event meant to give players the opportunity to experience pivotal moments in Overwatch history with the game's heroes. This year's focus is on the Venice Incident which involves Blackwatch agents. Throughout the event's duration, players can hear event-exclusive interactions, eight new legendary skins and other cosmetics.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard