A South Korean Overwatch player hacked their game to allow themselves to play as one of the Talon enemies featured in ​Overwatch Retribution, as seen in a stream by Shin "Alpha" Jae-hyeon.

​​Alpha's teammate, despite being noted in a red color typically seen for enemies, plays as the Heavy Assault from Talon. The Heavy Assault is one of the many enemies players fight against during Retribution as the ​Blackwatch team attempts to ​escape Rialto.

As players know, the Heavy Assault is not a playable character in the Overwatch roster. It is clear that the player hacked their game in order to play as the Heavy Assault -- however it looks amazing. 

Fans want a ​Talon hero for Hero 28, and it would be best if this hero was some sort of a tank -- or ​possibly a tank hybrid. Maybe in the future the Heavy Assault character might become a playable character, not just through hacking the game.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard 

Clip courtesy of 에아리세