Overwatch fan artist and ​Redditor Chattywindow returned with a brand new fan-made skin for Lúcio, adopting the idea of what he would look like if the Omnic Crisis never ended.

​​The Omnic Crisis never ended in this alternate universe, according to the artist. Lúcio is seen with prosthetics of sorts for his legs, similar to Junkrat who has a peg leg. Both of Lúcio's legs have wheels attached to them, in order to replicate the skates seen in his default skin.

This version of Lúcio has music with gritty remixes, most likely to refer back to his Junker theme.

The artist included ​variations of the fanmade skin that feature Junker Lúcio with different hairstyles and more.

Chattywindow is known for his heavy editing of Overwatch heroes, which range anywhere from ​creating completely new looks for characters, ​mashing heroes together or giving them ​simple modifications that any kind of fan can appreciate.

Lúcio recently received a new legendary skin that resembles his concept design. It can only be unlocked from lootboxes during the ​Overwatch Archives event. The focus of the event this year, Retribution, ​falls on Blackwatch as the team attempts to escape ​Rialto, Italy.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard.