The Dutch Gambling Authority has ​declared that some loot boxes are a form of gambling and are prohibited. The organization reached this decision after its "​Study of Loot Boxes, A Treasure or a Burden?" study and is calling on game developers to modify their games accordingly by mid-June.

​​The Dutch Gambling Authority's ​​English press release stated: "Of the ten examined lottery boxes, four are in violation of the law. This is because coincidence determines the contents of these loot boxes. Moreover, the prizes can be traded outside the game: the prizes have economic value. It is forbidden to offer this type of games of chance without a license to the Dutch players."

The organization then announced game developers with loot boxes in their games must modify loot boxes by June 20. If developers fail to adhere to the new rule, the Dutch Gambling Authority will enforce action against games with loot boxes.

"Loot boxes could possibly have a negative effect on the objective of preventing addiction as much as possible," the report read. "The integration of loot boxes into games of skill, without the corresponding suitable measures and provisions, may be inconsistent with Dutch gaming policy to limit the negative effects of games of chance as much as possible."

Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, and Overwatch might be affected by the new rule. Developers only have a certain amount of time to modify their games before action is taken against them.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard