Ranking Overwatch Retribution Skins Compared to Their Uprising Counterparts

Overwatch Uprising debuted in 2017, bringing with it eight amazing new skins, mainly focused on the Uprising lore and what Overwatch looked like before disbanding. Overwatch Archives  went live April 10 and gave us 10 new Overwatch Retribution skins, mainly Talon-focused.

Pitting these skins against each other is the only way to find out once and for all which event, Uprising or Archives, had the coolest skins (disclaimer about aesthetic and eye of the beholder and all that noted, etc.) 

8. Talon Doomfist vs. Talon Widowmaker

Both of these Talon themed skins are ultra cool and ultra sleek. They've got similar black and white color schemes with small red accents. Widowmaker's skin is much cooler, though, because it allows us to see what Widowmaker looked like before the transition of her physiology (no blue skin)! 

Winner: Widowmaker

7. Scion Hanzo vs. Blackwatch Genji

The Shimada Brothers going head to head (again) in this competition make a fair fight. Genji has a lot of cool robotic skins already, though, and while his Blackwatch skin is undoubtedly cool -- Hanzo's skin gives us a lot more to think about.

Hanzo's Scion skin is most likely what Hanzo looked like shortly before he was ordered to kill his brother Genji. Still in line to take over the Shimada family's criminal empire, Scion means "descendant of a noble family” and the Kanji on his wrist means "to sneak." Definitely way more to this skin than what you get at first glance.

Winner: Hanzo

6. Equalizer Lúcio vs. Chief Engineer Lindholm/Ironclad Torbjörn

There's a little bit of overlap with Uprising getting more skins than Retribution, but Torb's skins were similar. One Torbjörn skin features his Overwatch armor and weapons with a modest beard, the other features a shaven Torb covered in smudges and wearing an old shirt. Both of these skins are fantastic and adorable insights into Torbjörn's character, but alas, they are definitely not cooler than Equalizer Lúcio.

Lúcio looks amazing in this skin, and not only because the equalizer bars on his pants move up and down. His hair is long and full, he's got some cool belts, and inline skates that are fresh to death. Sorry Torb!

Winner: Lúcio

5. Soldier: 24 Reaper vs. Blackwatch McCree

This is a tough match up. These skins are both seen in the Archives PvE brawl Retribution, depicting what Reaper and McCree looked like in the past. 

Both have dark color schemes, cool boots, cool weapons. Reaper has a cool long coat; McCree has a cute little poncho. McCree is rocking his signature hat; Reaper has perfect hair. This is actually too hard. It's a draw. 

Winner: Tie

4. Blackwatch Moira vs. Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy

Both of these heroes you're happy to see in any match. Both are effective healers and always useful, but we're not here to discuss abilities -- we're here to find out who looks cooler. And though Mercy looks downright adorable with her dressy coat and her hair down and that adorable nurse's hat, Moira definitely looks cooler. And her hat is cooler too. 

Winner: Moira

3. Specimen 28 Winston vs. Null Sector Orisa and Bastion

Another three-way match up, but Orisa and Bastion look quite similar. Both are purple and inspired by the omnic invasions plaguing King's Row during Uprising. Winston's Specimen 28 skin shows us what Winston looked like before joining Overwatch while he was still living in the Horizon Lunar Colony laboratory on the moon. 

Although Winston's skin gives us a bit of lore, and the fans inside the tanks on his back move, Orisa and Bastion look way cooler. These skins take away the usual endearing charm both heroes have and completely change their look. Winston's skin is similar to his default skin.

Winner: Orisa and Bastion

2. Pajamei vs. Cadet Oxton Tracer

Tracer's skin is what she was wearing on her first field mission with Overwatch. And though that's cool and everything, Mei's skin is straight from the heart-wrenching animated Overwatch short "Rise and Shine" featuring yeti slippers, a Summer Games sweater, and a homemade weapon. 

Winner: Mei

1. Talon Sombra vs. Lieutenant Wilhelm Reinhardt

The internet has been divided on this Sombra skin since it dropped. The Overwatch community's main concern lies with Sombra's hair. And that complaint translates to this competition. Lieutenant Wilhelm Reinhardt, on the other hand, looks cool and iconic in his Overwatch armor and way cooler than Sombra. 

Winner: Reinhardt

Adding up the scores, the winner is: Archives by going 4-3-1. It was close!

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment