​The upcoming Symmetra rework in Overwatch has long been a point of conversation within the community, which will likely only increase after Overwatch developer Tim Ford confirmed Symmetra will become a defense hero.

In ​an interview with Inven Global, Ford was short on details but did say Symmetra's main focus will change.

"Symmetra will turn from a support hero to a defense hero after the remake," ​he told Inven Global. "Our aim is to make the usage of Symmetra even more flexible from it."

Ford also defended the structure of having four hero roles amid criticism about the existence of defense heroes, especially when many team comps include more of am emphasis on tank, DPS and support roles.

"The reason we divided the roles into (four) when the game was first released was so that we could help players understand how to use that hero intuitively," Ford told Inven Global. "We have already seen the situation with the role re-designation but it will need a fairly long time and much communication for that to be actualized in-game."

Most recently, game director Jeff Kaplan ​took to the Overwatch forums last week to give fans an update about the Symmetra rework. While not offering many details, he said the team making "good progress" on it. One thing that he did share was that the Overwatch team is trying some "pretty dramatic changes." To follow that comment up, he posted a picture of a end-of-game card for Symmetra that shows GGOODMAN teleported 31 players while only having a teleporter up for 6 percent of the match.

That seems like a pretty impressive feat to do with a single teleporter. Perhaps the new Symmetra would have multiple teleporters? That would certainly be a dramatic and significant change. Kaplan had previously mentioned that Symmetra changes will take more time than the community expected they would, but he ended his form post by saying that the rework will likely be ready sometime during the summer.

The latest development about Symmetra comes soon after the latest Overwatch patch went live on the Public Test Region. The update included Tracer's first nerf, the addition of Rialto, Hanzo's rework and Lucio buffs. Horizon Lunar Colony also received an update that Blizzard accidentally pushed through to the PTR.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard