The Guildhall Bar located in California honored Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka by framing and hanging his jersey.

At the request of a Twitter user, Team Liquid provided INTERNETHULK's jersey for the bar. When thanked for framing and hanging the jersey, the ​Guildahll Bar's Twitter replied: "Our staff was begging for it." 

It now hangs on the wall of the Guildhall Bar where esports fans gather to watch games and enjoy a drink.

INTERNETHULK was one of the most well-known professional Overwatch players since the game's conception. He was part of the first western team, Team EnVyUs, to ever win OGN APEX, an Overwatch tournament held in South Korea. After success as a player, he eventually became a coach and landed a position with Team Liquid.

He ​passed away in November, and both private and ​public ceremonies were held in his memory. Blizzard honored INTERNETHULK by leaving an in-game tribute to him on the Eichenwalde map, and naming an ​Overwatch League award after him. He was more recently honored by Blizzard during an ​Overwatch League broadcast in January.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard