Whether players want to admit it or not, Symmetra's ultimates come in handy when playing Overwatch. But, a recent fix to the way Symmetra's ultimate interacts with the map is now causing Symmetra's ultimate to be destroyed immediately. 

A Redditor clipped a moment where their Shield Generator instantly destroyed itself after being deployed on the Lijiang Night Market map. The Shield Generator was not touching the wall or being deployed into the wall, but was eliminated within seconds. 

It turns out this isn't a bug limited to Lijiang Tower. In fact, this bug is the result of a map collision fix that appears to have been taken too far.

YouTuber Muda Muda explained the latest patch update that included Overwatch Archives fixed a bug with the doors on maps that allowed Symmetra to place her ultimates between them. Her Teleporter or Shield Generator could be deployed in between closing doors and remain intact. Blizzard's fix for this bug not only solved this, but now changed the way the map interacts with Symmetra.

Any part of the map that comes in contact with Symmetra's ultimate -- such as the lift on Hollywood or the rotating platform on Junkertown -- instantly destroys her ultimate. This is to prevent players from taking advantage of placing their ultimate in areas that are difficult to access and subsequently difficult to destroy her ultimate.

Symmetra is due for another change by Blizzard in the upcoming months. After a brief update on Symmetra's rework, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed Symmetra's new rework will make her a  defense hero.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Blizzard. Clip courtesy of lations