​A patch update to Overwatch's Public Test Region reverted the nerf to Lúcio's speed boost when Wall Riding, which ​recently went live on the PTR.

​​Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman posted an updated version of ​additional patch notes that detailed more tweaks to Lúcio. "Wall leap boost reverted back to 2.5 m/s. We’ll keep an eye on this to make sure it doesn’t get super out of control." Lúcio's boost when leaping off from ​riding a wall was brought down to 2.0m/s in the initial patch, but the developers have now reverted the nerf. 

The team also "fixed a bug causing a loss of momentum when landing/boosting off very small columns such as trees etc." Goodman noted that this change was not on the PTR at the time he posted the update, but it should now be live.

He mentioned the team added, then promptly removed, the option to decide how much time needed to be spent holding the jump button for Lúcio to Wall Ride around corners. "We may add this back in in the future but we’re just setting this to 0.3s for everyone for now."

The patch update reverted Genji's Deflect height back to what it was, after discovering his new Deflect allowed him to be headshot while jumping. 

"We’ve also made a change to Hanzo’s lunge ability so if you use it and then wall climb within a tiny window of time, it wont consume the cooldown," Goodman added. "This is there to ​fix a case where you try to climb a wall using the jump button but your lunge ability is off cooldown, which would cause it to be used as you start to climb the wall. This should now be fixed."

The latest PTR patch also ​nerfed Tracer for the first time. Players can test out all changes on the PTR servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard